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Male Female Home Kitchen Chef Aprons
  • Male Female Home Kitchen Chef Aprons

    Brand Name: None
    Material: Non-Woven Fabric
    Origin: Mainland China
    Type: BIB
    Classification: Sleeveless Apron
    Model Number: Apron
    Style: Brief
    Use: Cleaning
    Size: 60x70cm
    Color: Red, purplish red, coffee, black, orange, green, sky blue, gold, deep
    Suitable for: kitchen home use
    Support: Wholesale/Dropshipping
    Shipment: Fast Shipping
    Stock: Sufficient
    Feature 01: Cooking Baking Aprons
    Feature 02: Kitchen Apron
    Feature 03: Restaurant Sleeveless Aprons
    Feature 04: Male Female
    Feature 05: Household Cleaning Tools
    Feature 06: Household Merchandises
    Feature 07: Convenience Solid Color Apron
    Feature 08: Dress Fashion Apron With Pockets
    Feature 09: Kitchen Tools
    Feature 10: Kitchen Accessories
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