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Some places such as North Korea will take away your child all because of your religious belief?

We Ghot Wurd!! That North Korea sentenced a 2yr old to Life in a form of prison due to parents owning a Christian bible.

How would you feel living somewhere and be punished because you have interest in other beliefs motivated by other cultures? Why is the Bible something forbidden in other countries? Christian are said to practice their beliefs in secrecy so no criminal charges will be brought against them. North Korea considered an atheist land or agonists, Crimes such as belief in religion are punishable from 15years to Life in unbearable labor camps or public executions might be ones fate.

Would this be considered a free land or a prison state? Whether you believe in something or nothing, who gets to determine someone else's fate? Think about this way, can a person really be free if their right to choose isn't any right at all? Some things you just got to research and discover.

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