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Snoop wants to know this…. How does this streaming shit work!!!?

Updated: May 9

Well we Ghot Wurd from fellow Self-dependent artist Krockadile Don and he gave us his logic on the subject Snoop Dogg is inquiring! How does this streaming shit work!!!

It really isn’t that difficult to see how streaming works. Nothing really has changed per say how a consumer listens to music. Streaming an artist song is equivalent to listening to a song on vinyl, cd, or cassette. You purchase the product once, and you can rewind, skip, fast forward or repeat as many times as you like. Now that you got that clear picture in your head, just because an artist has 1billion streams doesn’t mean you get 1million dollars. You never know the accuracy of your listeners individually streaming your work. So a fan might purchase a song and be responsible for 10,000 streams depending on preference because they would have to listen to it over and over. Now place yourself back to where you purchased that one album just to hear it over and over again. What happened? Did the artist receive any extra monies for how many times you listened? No! Unless your cd scratch, vinyl or cassette popped would be the only time you would spend money towards an artist. So, long post short, streaming is similar and as far as the business model goes on how they reward you, isn’t far fetched from how much they paid artists per album/ single sales…. Then. Only benefits that came with loyal fans of an artist music would be them sharing the enjoyment of the art to someone else, that will build an artist buzz, which created show money and so forth. The same clause in contracts never changed just because it’s called streaming! Uncle Snoop running a record label you better get in tuned… Oh and definitely plays a big factor on what platforms these artist give their music to, if you don’t own the platform then yea… pretty much nothing. And even if you do own a platform to sell and have your fans stream it, the streams are free until a purchase is made. So your music can get 1,000 plays for promotion, but yet no money is made until that consumer actually purchases it! That’s why most artist wouldn’t be artist if they truly was Independent! Us independent artists have lots of time figuring out all this stuff because we are not touring, or hyped up with media coverage. Everything is passion driven and if a buck is made we are happy!!!

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